Along the Hudson River In Jersey City, N.J.

By Anthony Buccino

In the beginning, there was Harborside, Copyright  Anthony Buccino

It's about more than the shore, more than the seagulls, ducks and geese that visit; about more than the people who leave their bustling offices and saunter outside along the ever-evolving shoreline of the Hudson River at Harborside and Exchange Place in Jersey City, New Jersey.

It's as much about the sounds of the sea and what those visitors see as it is about the vista across the water and along the shoreline in the reborn era of Jersey City, New Jersey at the turn of the century.

Jersey City Snapshots by Anthony Buccino,

Jersey City Snapshots
by Anthony Buccino

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       More than 200 color snapshots of Jersey City, New Jersey, from Pavonia/Newport to Paulus Hook, from Grundy Park to Grove Street, along the Hudson River from the Colgate clock to Exchange Place, Harborside and through neighborhoods that have no names.

Color photos are ideal for viewing on Kindle Fire, and bring you up close to New Jersey's second-largest city, its building boom and its broken ground.

Writer/photographer, who worked and walked these streets for nearly ten years, leaves words behind and speaks through the camera lens and we see the commonplace wildlife, the glimmering structures and the grandeur of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center and the memorials erected in Jersey City. This collection is ideal for fans of Jersey City, and folks who've always wanted to visit.

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 This Seat Taken? Notes of a Hapless Commuter by Anthony Buccino

This Seat Taken?
Notes of a Hapless Commuter

By Anthony Buccino

If you ever commuted to work, you'll enjoy reading Buccino's latest collection  about the joys and follies of getting to and from work in the city using metropolitan public transit. Covers vary.





Photo copyright  2006 By Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved

When My Ship Comes In ...

Harborside, Jersey City, N.J., Copyright  2006 By Anthony Buccino.

Waiting for the elevator, Harborside, 10.25.06. photo

     Rambling round Harborside, Jersey City

     Light rail, Jersey City

    Underground, Newark City Subway

    ... essays appear in the second edition of:

Rambling Round -Inside and Outside at the Same Time - Life and Growing Up in North Jersey

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Travels With Tonoose

Submarine races on the Hudson River near Jersey City.

Books about Jersey City

The Life & Times of Jersey City Mayor Frank Hague: "I Am the Law" by Leonard F. Vernon

Images of America JERSEY CITY 1940 - 1960, The Dan McNulty Collection, Kenneth French

Images of America JERSEY CITY, Patrick B. Shalhoub

Images of America JERSEY CITY MEDICAL CENTER, Leonard F. Vernon

Jersey City in Vintage Postcards, Randall Gabrielan


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