Nutley Notables - The Men and Women Who Made a Memorable Impact on Our Home Town, Nutley, New Jersey


By Anthony Buccino

Nutley Notables - the inside cover - Nutley, New JerseyThe township of Nutley, New Jersey, has accumulated a wealth of celebrated and eccentric people who over-shadowed the salt-of-the-earth folks who lived here, raised their families and built the town into the place that Norman Rockwell only dreamed of illustrating for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. We’re going to tell you about a few of them, some you may know and many you will not forget.

Our Nutley Notables include Old West sharpshooter Annie Oakley who has a street here named in her honor; home-diva Martha Stewart who grew up on Elm Place and often writes of growing up in Nutley but has no street named for her; and others who may have to wait a while for street naming honors.

Featured individuals run the gamut from politicians to high school coaches and athletes; from notorious personalities to beloved entertainers to the fellow in the local shop to the artists and writers who toiled long ago and today.

Their images and stories document the unique contributions they've made that shaped Nutley today.


The Nutley Notables project is not funded or underwritten by any group or government entity.




Anthony Buccino

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