Gas Stations

Photography By Anthony Buccino

Why photos of gas stations? 

Well, why not?

GAS STATIONS Photography By Anthony Buccino, on Kindle from AmazonYou won’t need to take a spaceship to Ashtabula to catch a glimpse of GAS STATIONS: Photography by Anthony Buccino. It's as simple as browsing through this oversize book of gas pumps, service stations, and a few odds and ends.

Why photos of gas stations? Well, why not? Until we started curating this collection, we had no idea we already had so many service station pictures from as far back as 1970s and through the past fifteen years.

With a street photographer's eye looking for the unfamiliar in the same old place, we think we've captured a cross section of what you've seen and what you missed in this 150+ photo collection.

So, when you're feeling a tad nostalgic for the good old gas stations and recalling the days when fuel was under four dollars a gallon, you could pull in with an empty tank, say Fill 'er up, and check the oil, GAS STATIONS will fit your mood when you're under the hood.

GAS STATIONS is part of Buccino's 2022 Dozen series, a goal to publish one photo collection each month for a year, this year.

Many of New Jersey photographer Anthony Buccino's photos have earned awards in area competitions.

Print Cover; GAS STATIONS Phototgraphy by Anthony BuccinoGas Stations Photography by Anthony Buccino is dedicated to pump jockeys, auto mechanics, tire changers, managers, foremen, test drivers, tool salesmen, tool makers, body shops, car painters, and highway flotsam and jetsam such as nails, screws and other implements of puncture. 

And gas station owners, entrepreneurs, auto parts suppliers, neon sign makers, fuel haulers, tank truck drivers with CDL endorsements, pipeline maintainers, oil drillers, rich oil company CEOs, DMV inspectors, division of weights and measures, EPA, motorcycle cops, speed traps, black/white units, dead dinosaurs, and ancient space aliens.

And, as always, to my wife Dawn who always encourages me to have fun with my photography.


LOT The Parking Lot & Gas Station, C2H Photography Magazine, Issue #1, curated by James Maher.

Walking the Newark Branch, A Photographic Journey on the Abandoned Rails of New Jersey by Wheeler Antabanez.

Ralph Scognamillo and Mike Bronco at J&R Towne Auto.

 Robert Francisco, my favorite airline mechanic who worked at many a gas station and always showed up when it was time to put the engine together in my model cars.

Thomas Francisco, for showing me what a photograph can be … way back in the 70s.

Mr. Tire of Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Thanks for being open on Sunday afternoon.

Essex Photo Club.

Delta for having so many gas stations in my neighborhood.

GAS STATIONS Photography By Anthony Buccino

GAS STATIONS Photos Include:

76 – Montclair Motorwerks, A Plus, Ashland, BP, Bradley Tire Service, Citgo, Conoco, Costco, Delta, Dunlop Tires, Enrite, Exxon, Fuel 4, Gulf, Hagstrom Maps, Hess, J&H Service Station, J&R Towne Auto, Jersey Fuel, Jersey Oil, Lukoil, Marc Auto, Metro, Meyer's Service, Nicolette Towing, NJ Fast Towing, Pasquale's Service Station, Phillips 66, Prime Lube, Raceway, Shell, Skinner Brothers, Speedway, Sunoco, Texaco, Woroco.

In no particular order!

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