10 Best Things About Summer

By Anthony Buccino

We wait all winter  and spring for it to arrive and when it does we never know what to do first? Kick off our shoes and run barefoot? Sharpen the streamers on our two-wheeler ... or something else?

Here are the 10 best things about summer. Don't be shy about sharing your 10-best things about your summer.

Beach goers - public domain photo 

10 – Chance to show off that new thong bikini or Speedo (or to glare disapprovingly for a long time at those who do)

9 – Summer camp for the kids (and a peaceful week or two for the parents without the kids)

8 – Summer vacation for the whole family (wonderful way to add points to your credit card reward program)

7 – Cool summer nights under the stars (with an adult beverage or two for each adult)

6 – Good things happen in the summer (the Moon landing AND Woodstock)

Astronaut on the moon - public domain photo

5 – Laugh as Australia deals with snow storms (meanwhile checking our shovels in the shed)

4 – Kids catching fireflies and delighting in the light show (Little ones sleep peacefully as lightning bugs die overnight)

3 – Gorging on cool foods, ice cream, sorbets, watermelon (without guilt about not cooking)

2 – It’s not winter (that was 100-degrees ago)

1 – School’s out for summer, school’s out for-ever (Go ask Alice … Cooper, that is)

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