Belleville, NJ, Books

By Anthony Buccino

Six books about life and history in Belleville, N.J.

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Greetings from Belleville, New Jersey, Collected writings

Greetings From Belleville N.J.

You don't have to be from Belleville, New Jersey, to enjoy this book! You'll just wish you were.

Anthony Buccino created a time machine through words and stories of growing up the 1950s, 1960s and beyond based on life and growing up in Belleville, New Jersey. 

You don't have to be from New Jersey to enjoy this book, you just need an inclination to remember when chasing the mosquito man and his big blue DDT cloud was a great thrill for kids on their bikes or running in their Keds!

And who can forget the excitement on hearing the bells of the approaching ice cream truck to the neighborhood?

If you remember defrosting refrigerators or the simpler things of times past, you'll enjoy Buccino's essay collection.

More than forty essays and reflections on everything from junior high school bullies to selling pretzels for Ed Strat at Belleville High School football games at Municipal Stadium. This collection includes the Excellence in Journalism award-winning Don the TV man.

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Belleville Sons Honor Roll - Remembering the Men Who Paid for Our Freedom

Belleville Sons Honor Roll - Remembering the Men Who Paid for Our Freedom

In the last century, Belleville lost 160 sons while in service to our country. This collection, gathered from newspaper clippings and other sources collects what we know about these young men in an effort that their sacrifice not be forgotten.

The first edition of this book resulted in several town streets being named for our local heroes and the names of the fallen being etched into the war memorial on Union Avenue.

The latest edition includes additional information on Belleville in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WW II, Korea, Vietnam and peacetime casualties. 

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Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War, A Brief History by Anthony BuccinoBelleville and Nutley in the Civil War

A compilation of information documenting participation of New Jersey towns of Belleville and Nutley in the American Civil War.

Includes information on six local soldiers killed in action in the War Between the States, plus information on the battle campaigns in which they gave up their lives.

Also lists information on local participation in various New Jersey and other state militias.

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A Father's Place - An Eclectic Collection

A Father's Place: An Eclectic Collection by Anthony BuccinoHere, Buccino writes about family life, the father-son-dilemma, family day trips, encouraging his newborn daughter to elope by painting lilies of the valley on the ladder, Brookdale Soda, too much coffee, pets Libby the black Labrador Retriever and Murphy the rabbit, friendships and much more!

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"I wasn’t more than five years old the night my father grabbed me with his vise-like hands on his jackhammer arms and swung me over the banister of our second story back porch. Swinging me side to side twenty feet in the air above the concrete sidewalk, Dad and I were having fun. I was safe, safe from the world in his strong hands...." 

-- A Father's Place

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 Rambling Round - Inside and Outside at the Same Time

Rambling Round - by Anthony BuccinoAnchored in New Jersey, Anthony Buccino pays tribute to the unique Garden State Parkway toll road, but you don't have to be from New Jersey to enjoy this collection. In fact, by now the rest of the country should be ready for Buccino and RAMBLING ROUND Inside and Outside at the Same Time.

This collection represents the best of Buccino's humor and homage to living life every day  with tongue firmly in cheek while hoping for something funny to happen.

On the occasion that he writes seriously, they are bound to give you a nice warm feeling. Buccino's essays are written from the heart and the hearth about family and surroundings.




 Sister Dressed Me Funny

Sister Dressed Me Funny by Anthony Buccino

Sister Dressed Me Funny adventures close to the edge through humility and humor with these chronicles of catholic school nuns, Cub Scout contests, Grandma's house in the country, junior high school bus antics and more.



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More books with ties to Belleville, New Jersey

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No greater love: The gripping story of Nurse Clara Maass by Mildred Tengbom

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