This nearly passes for phone humor

Ring the Wrong Number

By Anthony Buccino

Donald Duck Hit the Hay, X-ray, X-ray

Another coded message found its way to our answering machine. This time the voice sounded serious and disguised at the same time, but the message was in code. At least that’s what all the great minds that heard the tape decided. “It must be in code. It doesn’t make sense otherwise. Yes, it must be in a secret code.”

Midnight Fax to My Ear

The advent of our home fax machine turns quickly from blessing to curse to curse words. At 3:30 a.m. our phone rings and, of course, it is Mon-sewer Fax. I can tell this when I say hello and he beeps at me. I hang up, trying to allow myself enough time to get the old computer going before he redials. But at least the dog is happy.

Cablevision or FiOS remotes

FiOS rids house of annoying shopping channels

No. I told her I had nothing to do with missing shopping channels. In spite of my record years ago of deleting them and her never knowing we got home shopping channels, I'm actually innocent this time.

#Fios by Verizon, initial download drove us nuts

Switching Cable Triple Play Providers, Fios to Optimum Equals Growing Pains Real and Remote

The toughest part about setting  favorites is reading the tiny names of the networks in the options field Optimum provides. Maybe if you had a 100-inch screen these words would be readable

Marooned Baby Boomer on the Internet Highway

Last July, somebody named Omar posted, “You’ll thank me for this when you get older.” He then added, “No, Mom, my therapist thanks you!”

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'Let me guess, you're switching to Verizon?'


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