This passes for memoir by Anthony Buccino

This Passes for Memoir

By Anthony Buccino

Our snippets of family history need not be formally recorded and typed out on the latest fancy computer. It is not, after all, a history assignment, but a treasure chest.

A Father's Place

Enjoy the proud days, come what may, of  "That's my dad!" Before you know it, you'll hear, "Who? Him? I don't know him."

Air Raid Drill Memories From Under The Desk

We took cover in neat order in virtually any place that was away from the windows. We sneaked a look back and waited for the Russian’s A-bomb to come crashing through any one of the many windows in our school.

Copyright  2011 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

Autumn Joyrides to Monk's Castle and Albino Village

And the only time we ever heard about somebody
who went to Albino Village was when they came back
and told us about how scared they were and how lucky to get out before they were grabbed by the Albino people.

C&D Appliances repair truck, operated by Don the Motorola TV repairman

Don, the Motorola TV repair man, made house calls

It was always a hoot when Don the TV repair man came around to fix our Motorola. You could keep your RCA with that little dog, he only sold Motorola brand TVs and stereos.

Photo hereThese Strangers in Old Photographs Are My Relatives

My generation was born in the era of Kodak Brownie cameras and black & white film popularity. Four or five decades ago even the simplest camera was somewhat complicated to master.

The first robin of spring

A boy in a new neighborhood makes friends with a lost baby robin, feeding it, and teaching it to perch and take short flights.

Thankful for Growing Up in Belleville

Im thankful for snowstorms when I was a kid and got to play in them until my clothes were soaked through and I was shivering and thankful for Mom and warm, dry clothes. And for the pots of water she heated on the stove so I could take a hot bath.

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