Zamboni, our chocolate  Labrador retriever








Zamboni - July 17, 2002 - December 10, 2014

Retrieving Labrador Days: Dog tales in prose and verse

Libby the Lab, Copyright  2002- Anthony Buccino Stormi and her snowman, Copyright  2002- Anthony Buccino Anthony Buccino and Zamboni, last visit to the Vet

Libby, our black Lab. Stormi, our yellow Lab and Zamboni our chocolate Lab.

Stories about each of his three Labrador retrievers and some of the other dogs and people whose lives they touched.

 Retrieving Labrador Days, dog tales in prose and verse by Anthony BuccinoShaggy dogs, mutts, mongrels, three Labrador retrievers and a pet rabbit inspire the stories and poems in this collection. Pets of one kind or another have shared the past six decades of the author's life, and here are some stories that will make you laugh out loud and others that remind you of the escapades and exasperations you've been through with your pets.

 Local Author Writes About Menagerie of Pets

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Third Edition includes Saving Pigeons

Covers vary

Last Dog a video

Retrieving Labrador Days dog tales in prose and verse About the book. Covers vary.

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Thanks to the vets and staff at Dog, Cat & Bird Clinic of Nutley for 12+ years of tender loving care. Zamboni LOVED their waiting room... and cried when other dogs wouldn't play with him.

At The Vet (nominated for Pushcart Prize)

This dog is not affiliated with Zamboni ice resurfacing machines

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