This Passes for Humor

By Anthony Buccino

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A Hare-Raising Story

Baton Twirler Parents Give Up Saturdays

Portrait of the author as a young baton twirler - copyright 2012 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

Bob Dylan in Belleville

Canned Soup in a Jar

Dog Hair Here, There, Everywhere

FiOS rids house of annoying shopping channels

High School Reunion Trepidation

How to Make a Bed

Institutional green and underground newspapers

Job Rock In Prose

Married to a Christmas Nut

Still married to a Christmas nut

Remember the Pretzel Guy on Saturday

Just Another Day On Police Beat

Laughing at Traffic From My NJ Transit Bus Perch

Marooned Baby Boomer on the Internet Highway

Weekly World News says Barbie used to catch fish!

It's not where you fish, it's the Barbie bait you use

Midnight Fax to My Ear

NJ Parkway Tokens Pay Way To Hell

Pushing Ginger Rogers Around in Las Vegas

Superman: Coal & Diamonds

The Lady Or The Tiger Revealed

The Spider and the $110 Light Bulbs

Whatever happened to George Carlin's stuff?

Why We Do It, Why We Write

Writing The Book Is The Easy Part

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Copyright  2011 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

Autumm or Fall, it's your call

Back-to-School Reading



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New Jersey author Anthony Buccino's stories of the 1960s, transit coverage and other writings earned four Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism awards.

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