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Rambling Round - Inside and Outside at the Same Time

Life and growing up in North Jersey

Buccino's essays are the best-kept secret record about life and growing up in ... North Jersey in the 50s, 60s, 70s and later.


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''New Jersey's 'Garrison Keillor' '' **

The nine typing fingers ....

** "... or something to that effect"


You Know You're From Belleville, N.J.

You Know You're From Nutley, N.J.


Belleville Sons Honor Roll

Nutley Sons Honor Roll

Nutley Notables

Old Belleville, N.J.

Old Nutley, N.J.

Uncle Tonoose

Verse Online

Zamboni, Our Chocolate Lab

Remembering the Soldier Named Above the Street Sign

Remembering the Jersey Kid




New Jersey author Anthony Buccino published more than fifteen books including four essay collections, three military history books and seven full-length poetry collections.  He has been called ' “New Jersey’s ‘Garrison Keillor” or something to that effect.’ His poem At The Vet has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Blog posts by Anthony Buccino won 2014 Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Awards in Online - Enterprise/Series /Investigative Reporting and Media Affiliated Blog. Both posts were published on NJ.Com. His stories of the 1960s and his transit blog on earned earlier SPJ Excellence In Journalism awards.

Books by Anthony Buccino

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Nutley Notables

 The men and women who made

a memorable impact on our hometown,

Nutley, New Jersey

 By Anthony Buccino

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A FATHER'S PLACE An eclectic collection by Anthony BuccinoA Father's Place - An Eclectic Collection

Stories about family life, the father-son-dilemma, father-daughter dilemma, day trip vacations in New Jersey, Brookdale soda pop, too much coffee, pets, friends and more! 

A collection of essays and fiction about family life,  family day trips, suggesting elopement to a newborn daughter, that classic about Brookdale Soda, too much coffee, friendships and more! Includes restored Uncle Floyd reviews deleted from first edition.


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See also Thomas Francisco

Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War - a Brief History by Anthony BuccinoBelleville and Nutley in the Civil War

A compilation of information documenting the participation of the New Jersey towns of Belleville and Nutley (aka North Belleville, Franklin) in the American Civil War. Includes information on six local soldiers killed in action in the War Between the States, plus information on the battle campaigns in which they gave up their lives. Also lists information on local participation in various New Jersey and other state militias.

Military history, biography

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Belleville Sons Honor Roll - Remembering the Men Who Paid for Our FreedomBelleville Sons Honor Roll - Remembering the Men Who Paid for Our Freedom

The 8th anniversary paperback edition includes additional information on Belleville in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WWW II, Korea, Vietnam and peacetime casualties. 

In the last century, Belleville lost 157 sons while in service to our country. This collection, gathered from newspaper clippings and other sources collects what we know about these young men in an effort that their sacrifice not be forgotten.

Military history, biography

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Greetings From Belleville, New Jersey, Collected Writings by Anthony BuccinoGreetings From Belleville, New Jersey collected writings

Belleville native Anthony Buccino collected his favorite and most-requested writings about life and growing up in Belleville, New Jersey. 

This is Buccino's fourth collection of essays but the first wholly dedicated to his collected writings about Belleville. More than forty essays and reflections on everything from junior high school bullies to selling pretzels for Ed Strat at Belleville High School football games at Municipal Stadium. This collection includes the Excellence in Journalism award-winning Don the TV man.


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Jersey City Snapshots

More than 200 color snapshots of Jersey City, New Jersey, from Pavonia/Newport to Paulus Hook, from Grundy Park to Grove Street, along the Hudson River from the Colgate clock to Exchange Place, Harborside and through neighborhoods that have no names.

Color photos are ideal for viewing on Kindle Fire, and bring you up close to New Jersey's second-largest city, its building boom and its broken ground.

Buccino, the writer who worked and walked these streets for nearly ten years, leaves words behind and speaks through the camera lens.

We see the commonplace wildlife, the glimmering structures and the grandeur of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center and the memorials erected in Jersey City.

This collection is ideal for fans of Jersey City, and folks who've always wanted to visit.

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Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here Anymore - a chapbook by Anthony BuccinoMartha Stewart Doesn't Live Here Anymore and other essays

A chapbook of essays focusing on the household trials of author Anthony Buccino, based on his Rambling Round newspaper columns. Read all about Dad vs. house (hint: house wins.)

If you ever lived in a house or an apartment, or wished you had, then buy and read this little book now! You’ll find it’s funny, yet true. Collection is a 32-page preview of full-length Rambling Round collection.

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Nutley Sons Honor Roll - Remembering the Men Who Paid for our FreedomNutley Sons Honor Roll - Remembering the Men Who Paid for Our Freedom

Biographies about the more than 130 Nutley sons who died while in service to our country. Fourth edition.

In the past century, 138 Nutley sons died while in service to our country. World War I took 17. World War II took 92 sons. The Korean War era took twelve sons. The Vietnam War took 9 sons, and preserving the peace during the Cold War set its toll at 8 Nutley sons. Here, in one source, beyond the names of the fallen, are their stories.

Military history, biography

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Rambling Round - Inside and Outside at the Same Time

ARambling Round, Inside and Outside at the Same Time by Anthony Buccinonchored in New Jersey, Buccino pays tribute to the unique Garden State Parkway toll road, but you don't have to be from NJ to enjoy this collection.

The best of Buccino's humor and homage to living life every day, with tongue firmly in cheek, in the Garden State. Buccino's been called "New Jersey's Garrison Keillor, or something like that."  


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Retrieving Labrador Days by Anthony BuccinoRetrieving Labrador Days dog tales in prose and verse

Stories and verse about each of his three Labrador retrievers and some of the other dogs and people whose lives they touched.

Shaggy dogs, mutts, mongrels, three Labrador retrievers and a pet rabbit inspire the stories and poems in this collection. Pets of one kind or another have shared the past six decades of the author's life, and here are some stories that will make you laugh out loud and others that remind you of the escapades and exasperations you've been through with your pets.

Essays and Verse

 Local Author Writes About Menagerie of Pets

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Sister Dressed Me Funny by Anthony BuccinoSister Dressed Me Funny

Tales about, of all things, a naked statue and the catholic school tie, Italian American family roots and that dress his sister made him wear. 

Buccino's essays cut close to the edge of humor, humiliation and heartbreak chronicling education by the strictest nuns in the world at a school where the statues of saints were said to dance the Twist if you prayed real hard. A wistful reminiscence of life on the farm with chicken coops and too many cats in what is now at the very least suburbia; and, of course, that dress his sister made him wear.


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See also Thomas Francisco

This Seat Taken? Notes of a Hapless Commuter

By Anthony Buccino

If you ever commuted to work, you'll enjoy reading Anthony Buccino's latest collection "This Seat Taken? Notes of a Hapless Commuter" about the joys and follies of getting to and from work  in the city using metropolitan public transit.

Buccino's bus and rail commuting tales and observations are collected in this new 224-page book.

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A Father's Place - An Eclectic Collection

Sister Dressed Me Funny

Rambling Round  Inside and Outside at the Same Time

Greetings From Belleville, New Jesey, Collected Writings

Retrieving Labrador Days: Dog tales in prose and Verse

American Boy: Pushing Sixty

Canned booted, bumped... sacked, unemployed

Sometimes I Swear In Italian

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