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New Jersey author Anthony Buccino published more than fifteen books including four essay collections, three military history books and seven full-length poetry collections.  He has been called ' “New Jersey’s ‘Garrison Keillor” or something to that effect.’ His poem At The Vet has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Blog posts by Anthony Buccino won two 2014 Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Awards in Online Media Affiliated Blog.  His stories of the 1960s and his transit blog on earned earlier SPJ Excellence In Journalism awards.

Books by Anthony Buccino

Greetings From Belleville, New Jersey, Collected Writings by Anthony BuccinoGreetings From Belleville, New Jersey collected writings

Belleville native Anthony Buccino collected his favorite and most-requested writings about life and growing up in Belleville, New Jersey. 

This is Buccino's fourth collection of essays but the first wholly dedicated to his collected writings about Belleville. More than forty essays and reflections on everything from junior high school bullies to selling pretzels for Ed Strat at Belleville High School football games at Municipal Stadium. This collection includes the Excellence in Journalism award-winning Don the TV man.


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Rambling Round - Inside and Outside at the Same Time

ARambling Round, Inside and Outside at the Same Time by Anthony Buccinonchored in New Jersey, Buccino pays tribute to the unique Garden State Parkway toll road, but you don't have to be from NJ to enjoy this collection.

The best of Buccino's humor and homage to living life every day, with tongue firmly in cheek, in the Garden State. Buccino's been called "New Jersey's Garrison Keillor, or something like that."  


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Retrieving Labrador Days by Anthony Buccino

Retrieving Labrador Days dog tales in prose and verse

Stories and verse about each of his three Labrador retrievers and some of the other dogs and people whose lives they touched.

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Nutley Notables

 The men and women who made

a memorable impact on our hometown,

Nutley, New Jersey

 By Anthony Buccino

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7 P.M. March 19, 2015

Nutley Historical Society, 65 Church Street, Nutley, NJ

 4 P.M. TO 8 P.M. MARCH 26, 2015

Buccino will sign and sell books at Nutley Expo, Nutley Parks and Recreation Building, 44 Park Avenue, Nutley, N.J.

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''New Jersey's 'Garrison Keillor' '' **

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** "... or something to that effect"


You Know You're From Belleville, N.J.

You Know You're From Nutley, N.J.


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Nutley Sons Honor Roll

Nutley Notables

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Nutley Notables: The Men and Women Who Made a Memorable Impact on Our Home Town, Nutley, New Jersey

Rambling Round - Inside and Outside at the Same Time

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Greetings From Belleville, New Jersey

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